Neonatal Research Center

The Center’s research is in the area of:  perinatal/neonatal metabolism and its influence upon hypoxic/ischemic brain injury, and on the long-term effects of perinatal/neonatal interventions; molecular mechanisms by which glucocorticoid attenuated genes play a role in hyperoxic lung injury; stem cell research with an emphasis on the ECMO program; clinical trials in neonatal metabolism using stable isotope technology and neuroimaging in neonatal diagnosis; molecular mechanisms linking perinatal infections with bronchopulmonary dysplasia; molecular pathogenesis of neonatal infections; mechanisms of innate immunity to infectious agents in neonates, with particular emphasis on the role of vitamin D in host defense; fetal glucose metabolism and insulin signaling, fetal and neonatal growth, and neonatal nutrition; cellular and molecular basis of vascular remodeling during initial blood vessel formation in early embryonic development; endocrinology and congenital adrenal insufficiency and aplasia; and clinical international pediatrics   Funding from the National Institute of Health and other agencies supports these projects.